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29 May 2015 
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 How can I restart the RED5 server ?
  You can stop the red5 server from the following code : etc/init.d/red5 stop You can just restart it from this code : /etc/init.d/red5 star
 How can I add a sub - category for a video category ?
 How can I add a sub - category for a video category ? Please locate admin area => Video Management menu => video category menu , click on a category title and you will be able to add the sub - category.
 cPanel vs Plesk Servers
 In the world of web hosting there are two major players who provide control panel interfaces. The first is called cPanel and the second is called Plesk. cPanel is the market leader because it has the most user friendly environment and is preferred by host
 Facebook Oauth Violation Notice - "OAuthpocalypse"
 Agriya is aware that several of our customers have received an email from Facebook stating that their application is in violation of their terms and needs to be rectified within 48 hours or face having their account banned. At the moment Agriya does no
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